Automated and Hands-free Cash Gifting Program

Cash Gifting Programs are a very popular alternative to MLM’s and other traditional programs as far as generating cash from home.

Cash Gifting offers the possibility of generating huge amounts of cash usually from the low $500s to high $10,000s in a short amount of time delivered overnight to the members doorstep.

A great majority of people are moving to Cash Gifting from traditional MLM program because they do not pay for products and do not get small commissions monthly. They get hundreds of dollars immediately without having to build a downline.

Lots of people have generated thousands or millions in cash with these programs and lots of people have also lost money for a variety of reasons, but it boils down to not taking enough consistent action or not knowing which is the best strategy to target their market and promote to this target market, or by simply not taking any action and expect to be rich quickly.

There is a more than 95% failure rate in the home business industry and one of the main reasons is that most if not all of that 95% do not want to call people, follow up or sell to anyone. A lot of people say that you can never generate thousands in cash without picking up the phone and calling people. We are TOCS beg to differ.

This is actually possible and it happening everyday. To address this 95% of people, a Cash Gifting program should have an automated system that sifts, sorts, and follows up with prospects without the member doing any of it. All the member has to do is advertise his/her website link either through online or offline methods.

This lets the program member just advertise and not worry about the other hassles familiar to MLM programs. The more the member advertises, the more results and cash the member gets.

Most Cash Gifting programs try to make their system automated, plug n play, and hands free, but based on our research only 2 of these programs can fully boast of having the best automation.

The program of our choice in this regard is TOCS or The Overnight Cash System. They offer multiple tools in their back office to help members advertise and generate cash.

TOCS also went a step further by offering their Cash Blaster Modules wherein members can get 50 prospects that shown genuine interest specifically to the TOCS program. These leads are not generated with a generic ad, but TOCS specific ads.

Readers of this article can see for themselves how big the buzz is about Cash Gifting by doing a search for it on search engines like Google and Yahoo. A lot of people are promoting and joining gifting programs. Many people too are making insane amounts of cash from this.

For those who get and appreciate the concept and power of Cash Gifting, having automation really gets them excited and pumped up and I do not blame them.

Cash Gifting programs are here to stay and stake its claim to a big chunk of the internet marketing and home business industry.

About the Author

Jim Miralles is an internet marketer and a proud member of TOCS and has been having success implementing advertising strategies to promote TOCS for himself and his team. To visit his site go to: